What up with this weird É in the name?

You read it with the same sound of the "E" in "Edge" or "Egg"

Colégio Santa Catarina is a school with more than 100 years of history.

It's the School I went to for High School and my first IT course. Also where I wrote my first lines of code in Pascal LOL.

The school has students from pre-school, all the way to high school plus technical degrees.

The school entered UNESCO's PEA, a list of Schools that are committed to a more inclusive, just, sustainable and peaceful world. I was in the welcome event and developed an app for it, more on that later.

Where it all started

I was invited by one of my IT Teachers to work at the School.

When I was there I learned a lot. I started with smaller projects for teachers doing raffles or events, and eventually I developed or joined bigger projects.

The ones I remember from the top of my mind are:

  • Raffle App
  • UNESCO event app
  • Intranet Project

The UNESCO app was specially cool IMO, I setup an app that ran on this Digital Touch Screen Totem where people could learn about the school projects as well as UNESCO event information.

Working here was fun.

I also was on IT support from time to time.

We would go around the school to fix hardware issues, and make sure the smooth operation of classes that needed IT equipment.

When we had events going on, like cultural presentations, seminaires we also were responsible to take care of sound and illumination.