Web Developer

Start date

Apr 2013 - Feb 2014



M, D and T: Marketing, Design, Technology. i because it looks cool, I guess.

These are also the intials of the three founders 😂

When I joined in 2013 iMDT was a design studio and software house. iMDT offered services to any kind of company that wanted to have an online footprint. Created logos, designs and websites.

iMDT also had developers working on software projects across many industries, banking being one of the notable ones.

I used to build web pages

As part of the website development group I would have monthly(ish) projects.

These projects were always wildly different in design. This made me really excercise my web development skills.

I remember doing corporate websites, hotsites, and e-commerces, as well as maintaining and updating older customer's pages.

Some of these are still live, and mostly work.

If you are really curious you can see the first one I did by myself, in 2013.

iMDT was a great place to work at, After leaving in 2014 I came back a year later in 2015!