Test Engineer

Start date

Apr 2015 - Sep 2015



This was definitely named after it's founders initials G and V.

The company was a national leader in educational ERP systems. With it's battle tested application running all over the country.

We also had Centris (the new application) in the works at full steam.

Test Engineer? what?

I have to start by saying that I fell into a test engineering role more or less by accident.

Originally I was interviewing for a software engineering position, but I ended up in the testing team. Zero regrets.

I joined the new project team. We were responsible for the in house built test framework as well as the test scripts. Learned tons about testing and development here.

At GVDasa I had a great manager in my team. We kept in touch for some time after we both left. He is the person that convinced and welcomed me when I moved to Germany in 2017.