Frontend Engineer

Start date

Dec 2017 - Sep 2019


Startup life

Movinga is a moving company. Sort of...

Movinga is actually the "middleman" between people that want to move, and moving companies. The company streamlines the moving experience to make it easy for people to move hassle free.

Movinga offers quality moving companies, and special services. Need your furniture disassembled and reassembled at your new address? can do. Do you want to move a piano? Easy. Your new apartment is on the 5th floor and no elevator? Movinga can get you an external lift.

Stuff I moved

At movinga I joined the panda team 🐼, responsible for post booking and operations.

I became the responsible frontend engineer for the partner app. That's when I partnered with the best designer the world has ever known to make this app a stand out amazing experience. Partner app was a web app that moving companies used to manage their moves with Movinga.

On the partner app the features I developed are worth mentioning:

  • Company Dashboards (Revenue, Hero Score*)
  • Moving offers
  • Complete app redesign
  • UX improvements
  • Maps for moves

(*) Hero score was basicaly a score based on customer feedback and metrics on that particular company, so the company could see how their score improved or declined over time.

I also worked on topics other teams didn't have resources to continue contributing to and in these I can highlight a few things I worked on:

  • Customer area's calculator for move surcharges
  • Inventory of moving Items
  • The booking funnel

Leaving movinga was bittersweet for sure. I considered coming back a few times, but in the end of the day, I moved on.