Senior Frontend Engineer

Start date

Oct 2019 - Jun 2021


ATU auto-teile-unger handels gmbh & co kg

Call me ATU.

ATU is a vehicle accessories shop, where you can find everything for your vehicle. ATU operates more than 500 shops across Germany, and around 50 shops in Austria. These branches also are well equipped workshops where you can get oil changes, tyre changes, repairs, and much more!

Did you know? ATU is on Guiness World Records. Four mechanics changed a wheel with no electronic aid in 1 minute, 43 seconds, beating the old record by 42 seconds.

Are you a mechanic?

No, I was part of the Digital Development Berlin team. We were responsible for the OTV.

OTV stands for Online Terminvereinbarung, in english, online appointment bookings. The OTV was crucial for the company. People booked on average, 5k appointments daily.

On high season 15k (tyre change season)

When I joined there were no engineers from the previous team left. This meant there was no handover of the app.

I really had to hop onto a running train over there 😅

During almost two years I was the only Frontend Engineer responsible for the OTV.

Fortunately this didn't slow anything down and I was able to move forward with many projects with the support of the rest of the team (QAs, Backend Engineers, Devops Engineers).

I was involved in some very cool projects, from which I can highlight a few:

  • Migration of code bases and pipelines to Gitlab
  • OTV launch in Austria
  • Complete redesign of header
  • UX improvements of the Booking experience

As a side gig there I was responsible for the adoption of Cypress as one of our testing frameworks, in order to move away from an unmaintained and unreliable PHP testing system.

One of the first things I did at ATU was to verbosely log our frontend. This gave me the the ability to trace back issues that previously would have had gone unanswered. On top of these I built several dashboards to monitor performance, including bookings, errors, success tracking of new features, and many more.