Frontend Engineer

Start date

Jul 2021 - Dec 2021


Digital gold!

If you think Crypto, you're not wrong, however Process Insights are your best bet on striking digital gold!

Signavio is a process mining company.

In short, Signavio provides several cloud applications that empower companies to get insightful information from their processes.

Doesn't matter if your company sells t-shirts online, or if it builds rocket powered engines. The tools are completely process agnostic, any company can get great information from being a customer of Signavio.

What was I up to at Signavio?

At Signavio I was part of the Mother of Krakens 🐙 team. This team is responsible for the Process Intelligence (SPI for short) application.

In this application you can conduct investigations on your processes. Investigations help you quickly spot where your processes are good and where they suck. This all happens through using many different kinds of visualizations: bar charts, pie charts, sequence diagrams, tree maps, etc...

If you're interested, this video is a great source to see the SPI being used.

I was involved not only maintaining the features that made this application awesome, but also on the design and development of new features, notably:

  • UX Overhaul of Chart Zooming and Panning
  • Automated process insights
  • Process Dashboards

I also did some side gigs, like kick starting a design document planning a major refactor of our application architecture from the recompose to react hooks.

I set up parallelism on our cypress test runs. This made huge impact on productivity, since pipeline times nosedived. Our test runs on pull requests, went from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. To give better insight, on a daily basis we saved on average 15 hours of pipeline run time with this change.