Senior Frontend Engineer

Start date

Jan 2022 - Present


The World of Live

In a nutshell, SeatGeek is the coolest ticketing platform out there.

SeatGeek currently tickets the most exciting live events going on. Think The Big Game, NBA, MLB, Formula 1, Broadway shows, Live Concerts and much more.

If you're in the US and are looking for live events, is where you should be looking for, seriously.

Changing the world of live events

I am on the Fan Facing side of things. My team is responsible for customer retention, acquisition and discovery.

This means we work on areas that people get people to click first!

A few things I've already had the chance to do:

  • Migrate our Homepage to next.js
  • Pioneer next/image usage. Decreasing total image byte sizes on the homepage by 75%
  • [REDACTED] sharing soon

I have worked on interesting frontend and backend topics. Special thanks to my teammates by being incredible guiding me through Go and Python!

To be updated...

We are Hiring!!!
apply! In case of questions you can reach out to me on LinkedIn.