Full stack Engineer

Start date

Sep 2015 - Nov 2017


iMDT again

The design studio part of the business really became secondary and iMDT started focusing on Software Development.

Instead getting brands into the web, iMDT became a software engineering company, delivering quality bespoke applications.

Also iMDT became part of BigBlueButton core contributors, which opened many doors, which made coming back to iMDT one of the luckiest decisions I've made.

Right time right place

As soon as I joined I was welcomed to the start of what would be our modern application structure. We decided the technology, and I was contributing on setting up the foundations and tooling for it. Several apps, including a mobile app, were made with these tools.

Other than the regular business, I was part of what became a great success for the company. Outsourcing for BigBlueButton. We became core contributors to the project, and collaborated with the team in Canada.

This collaboration was amazing, my team even went to Canada a few times.

We were part of the new HTML5 client development team, and I was working with very cool tech.

At iMDT I had a great mentor, and this made it easy to learn about the tech we were working with.

iMDT definitely is the where I have grown the most as a Developer.